Initial Thoughts on Coronavirus and its Fallout – ICT


The article which follows is a translation from Battaglia Comunista 3 (March 2020), paper of our Italian affiliate, the Internationalist Communist Party. Italy has currently one of the worst death rates from coronavirus (4%), higher even than China’s. This despite locking down over a dozen towns in Lombardy, closing all schools and […]

On The Question of Trotsky, Bordiga


1925 article by Amadeo Bordiga in solidarity with Trotsky who, at that time, was under attack from the Russian party leadership. The discussion, which was recently concluded with the measures adopted by the EC and the Control Commission of the Communist Party of Russia against Comrade Trotsky1, was based exclusively […]

Last Interview of Amadeo Bordiga


In November of 1917, you took part, in Florence, in a secret conference of the ‘intransigent revolutionary’ current of the Socialist Party. On that occasion, you exhorted socialists to take advantage of the military crisis and take up arms to deal a decisive blow to the bourgeoisie. What was the […]