Italy: “We’re not Lambs to the Slaughter!” Class Struggle in the Time of Coronavirus – ICT


The Story of the Last Few Days 8 March. The Prime Minister’s Decree brought in new restrictive measures in the Lombardy-Venetia “red zone” and many activities throughout Italy were suspended, including prison visits. 8/9 March. The situation in prisons became serious. The disturbances began over a lack of communication about the risks […]

From Worker Aristocracy To Insecurity – ICT


Imperialism’s New Course Introduction The article below is taken from the latest edition of Prometeo, the theoretical journal of the PCInt (Battaglia Comunista), our sister organisation in Italy. It was originally translated for publication on the IBRP’s (International Bureau for the Revolutionary Party) internet site as part of our policy to make more […]

The French government and unions hand-in-hand to implement pensions ‘reform’ – The ICC


This article is one of a series of articles on the struggle in France. They are all incredibly important and insightful pieces (this being the best of them). Read some of the other articles in this series here: