From Worker Aristocracy To Insecurity – ICT


Imperialism’s New Course Introduction The article below is taken from the latest edition of Prometeo, the theoretical journal of the PCInt (Battaglia Comunista), our sister organisation in Italy. It was originally translated for publication on the IBRP’s (International Bureau for the Revolutionary Party) internet site as part of our policy to make more […]

The Argentinean Cordobazo – May 1969, a moment in the resurgence of the international class struggle – ICC


Fifty years after the workers’ uprising in the city of Córdoba, it is still necessary to reflect on its meaning, because throughout those same fifty years the left apparatus of capital has been presenting distorted versions of its origins and the political responses it generated, preventing the working class from […]

What distinguishes revolutionaries from Trotskyism ? – ICC


What distinguishes revolutionaries from Trotskyism? Submitted by International Review on 5 November, 2009 We are publishing two articles from Internationalisme, organ of the Gauche Communiste de France[1] dedicated to the question of Trotskyism and written in 1947. At this time, Trotskyism had already abandoned proletarian internationalism by participating in the Second World War, unlike the […]