Don’t Vote, Internationalist Communist Party


Don’t Vote for any Party or For any of their Fronts

That would mean voting for war and for a new triumph of capitalism


Again parliamentary democracy grants you the freedom to elect your bosses, and to choose between those who have already shown that they know how to defend their class interests. They did it yesterday under the principles and institutions of the fascist state, and do it now with the principles and institutions of the democratic state, in both cases with the principles and institutions of the capitalist state.

The story of the last few decades is the story of the victorious advance of monopoly capitalism throughout the world; it is the story of permanent war for dominance now by this, now by that imperialist force; it is the story of the defeat of the proletariat and its material destruction as a united political and revolutionary force.

In this dark and painful vigil that is opening the door to a third global massacre, the proletariat cannot see that its class interests are opposed to those of capitalism and its economic and political organisations. The proletariat as a whole has still not grasped the idea that if capitalism has yet not kicked the bucket it is not because of the perpetual revival of its economy and its ideals. History and science clearly deny that. Time after time capitalism overcomes its mortal crisis by destroying in its class enemy, the proletariat, the consciousness of its historical tasks. It can do this because the political forces which arise from within the class are seduced by the practice of compromise and collaboration.


Capitalism knows it is condemned by its very system of production; knows that it is ready to explode from its internal contradictions; knows from the signs which daily become more apparent that it is on a fatal and tragic arc of decline. If it wants to live it has to resort to violence, deception and war.

But war is impossible without the labour and the blood of the proletariat; capitalism needs to violently tear the proletariat from its class ideology and activity to turn it into a mere manipulated mass, firmly linked to the cause of imperialism and war.

That this has happened and that we face a new capitalist victory is demonstrated by the fact that the current alignment of political forces in the electoral struggle exactly matches the deployment of the imperialist powers in the war. The proletariat as a class has virtually disappeared from the political scene, engulfed by opportunism in relation to the war that is being prepared.


In this situation, even the traditional electioneering carnival of bourgeois democracy has been put into action as a tool of war. A vote today for De Gasperi or Togliatti does not means voting for greater parliamentary democracy or for the gradual and peaceful conquest of power, but means only allowing the economy, labour, the living forces of the country to be driven towards the real war of the parliamentary democracy of the Anglo-Americans, or towards the war of the People’s democracy of the Russians; ensuring, in a word, that the masses of the workers will go back to being cannon fodder for the victory of a new imperialist robber.

We internationalists tell you, or workers, that there is no historical antithesis between people’s democracy and parliamentary democracy; between Russia and America; between Stalin and Truman. The real historical and living antithesis, is between the dictatorship of capital, however it masquerades as democracy and dictatorship of the proletariat.


Don’t be fooled by the programmes which are rich only in words and demagogic claims that the parties of both sides have made the basis of their propaganda, whether it is about bread, housing or employment problems, that nobody will solve for the benefit of the workers, or about structural reform whose implementation would only result in consolidating this monstrous body of a state that imprisons the proletariat.


However you vote, and you will vote, in part from the fear of losing, through unemployment, the possibility of a piece of bread for you and your children; and in part under the illusion that it might solve the serious problems that plague your daily life.


We internationalists entered this electoral battle not to ask for votes, but only because it allows us to say with more effectiveness and sense of reality to the masses, who still believe in the mystification of elections, that the proletariat will revive, will find itself and the way to overcome the forces of war, only on the day that it acquires the consciousness and the power to sweep away all the rotten ballot papers and parliament.


Don’t give your solidarity to the war parties and their fronts, on both the right and left of the bourgeois spectrum. They are jointly and severally responsible for having harnessed the popular movement of April 25 to make it a weapon of defence of the factories, homes and property of the bourgeoisie whether fascist or anti-fascist; are jointly and severally responsible for the farcical purge and amnesty of the fascist leaders; are jointly and severally responsible for starvation wages and unemployment insofar as they are all conscious creators of class collaboration, the wages truce and national reconciliation.


The symbol of our struggle, that of the Russian Revolution of October, that of Lenin does not demand votes for the bourgeois parliament, but for a sign of the revival of the proletariat, a sign of its resurgent revolutionary class consciousness for the victory of socialism.

Down with all war parties and fronts

Down with the deception of the bourgeois parliament

Down with the peoples and democratic wars of imperialism

Long live the proletarian revolution!

THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE of the Internationalist Communist Party

April 1948

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